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Yoyo Go is powered by Yoyo, founded in 2013. The multi-award winning Yoyo platform powers mobile payment and loyalty experiences for thousands of high street retail, education and corporate catering outlets, processes more than 3 million transactions a month, has more than 2.8 million users, and over 750,000 monthly active users.

Yoyo Go allows you to create and manage an exciting, incentivising app-based loyalty programme for your business to help turn first-timers into regulars, and regulars into die-hard fans.

Yoyo Go is a multi-award winning platform, empowering businesses like yours.

With Yoyo Go you can:

Reward, grow and, most importantly, retain valuable customers.

Understand your customers better through powerful insights into what they spend, when and why.

Engage your customers with targeted offers they’ll love.

Boost sales by increasing customer visit frequency and basket size.

Drive new feet through your door, and make sure the customers attached to those feet keep coming back to you, time and time again.

You’re just a business, standing in front of a customer, asking them to love you

It’s a tale as old as time. Customer meets small-to-medium-sized-business. It’s love at first swipe. Customer leaves business as violins swell through in-store PA. Can loyalty bring them back together? Spoiler alert: yes.

66% of customers say they modify their spend to maximise loyalty benefits, which means the right loyalty programme can have a major positive impact on your bottom line.

Yoyo Go, empowering you without prohibiting costs.

With Yoyo Go, you can:

  • Choose between setting up a points-based programme or a digital stamp card.
  • Define your earning rules and rewards to suit your objectives.
  • Customise and brand your in-app merchant space.

With Yoyo Go, your customers can:

  • Link their debit or credit cards in the Yoyo Go app.
  • Earn loyalty instantly and automatically when they pay at your terminal.
  • Redeem their rewards via in-app vouchers.
  • Find your business through the Yoyo Go app's browse function.

It’s simple. It’s effortless. It’s all the benefits of a custom standalone loyalty app, minus the prohibitive costs and extensive admin.

Let’s keep the admin to an adminimum

With Yoyo Go, you’ll be up and running in around 10 minutes, promise!

Once you’ve created your Yoyo Go account and set up your business profile, get straight to the fun bit: creating stellar campaigns to attract, retain and engage customers, old and new, through your custom loyalty programme.

Sign up with Yoyo Go.

Get to know your customers better than ever before

Through the Yoyo Go merchant dashboard, you gain access to insights and detailed reporting to help you optimise, prioritise, strategise, incentivise, and many other -ise words.

For any given time period, you’re able to see:

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Launch powerful CRM campaigns with a couple of clicks

Armed to the teeth with the customer insights and reporting tools Yoyo Go provides, you can plan and launch targeted CRM campaigns to boost business in historically quiet periods of the day, week or month. With access to multiple impactful campaign templates, designing and launching a new campaign is easy as a Sunday morning, and the Yoyo Go app will let your customers know all about ‘em through push notifications and in-app banners, driving traffic to your store.

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Want a simple, powerful, app-based card-linked loyalty and Customer Relationship Management solution for your small-to-medium-sized business? All of this could be yours!

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Caffe Nero
“Yoyo enables us to get closer to our customers and build better longer-term relationships.”
James Fleet - Caffe Nero
James Fleet
CRM & Partnerships
“Yoyo has captured the essence of how to engender loyalty with me as a consumer.”
Jonathan Wood - Mastercard
Jonathan Wood
Consumer Applications
Planet Organic
“Yoyo is helping us to remain viable and stay ahead of the curve in business.”
Al Overton - Planet Organic
Al Overton
Buying Director


Yoyo Go gives you all the benefits of a custom standalone loyalty app, minus the exorbitant costs and endless admin. It was designed and built with the specific needs of businesses just like yours in mind, and it will help you build and grow customer relationships in ways that make a real and meaningful difference to your bottom line.

Yoyo Go has four main objectives:

  • To increase the frequency of your customers’ visits
  • To increase your customers’ average basket size
  • To increase customer retention, and
  • To attract new customers to your store.

Your customers are suffering from a nasty case of app fatigue (don’t worry, it’s non-fatal and easily treatable with the app-lication of Yoyo Go). They simply won’t download an app for every business they visit. Yoyo Go offers them a centralised loyalty app for all their favourite SMBs (which is what Mark in Marketing calls Small-to-Medium-sized-Businesses), while empowering you to engage with your customers like never before.

Yoyo Go offers you a number of other important benefits, including:

  • Reducing transaction time by encouraging customers to pay by card and removing the need for separate loyalty cards.
  • Ease for cashiers - no separate loyalty cards need to be scanned or stamped, which also increases security and decreases the potential for loyalty abuse.
  • Reduces cash payments, mercifully speeding up end-of-day banking admin.
  • The app gives you the ability to market to your customer base and offer rewards based on previous purchasing behaviour.

We’ve made onboarding as a merchant super simple and quick. Create a Yoyo account by entering your email address, verifying it and creating a password. Enter your retailer and outlet information and then get straight to the good bit: setting up your loyalty programme!

You can choose between setting up a digital stamp card or a digital points programme, then follow the simple steps and you’re ready to roll.

There are two ways of structuring your loyalty programme. Choose whichever one you like best!

  1. Set up a Digital Stamp Card to encourage customers to visit you more often or spend above a specified threshold to earn a stamp. Once the stamp card is filled, the customer will be automatically issued with a voucher for a monetary discount that you define.
  2. Set up a Digital Points Card to encourage increased customer spend across all products. Customers will receive 1 point per 1p that they spend with you (so a customer spend of £7.39 would release 739 points. Quick maths!)

Customers can save up their points and choose when to exchange them for different point store items (for example, £1 discount, £5 discount, £10 discount)

The Digital Stamp Card is a nod to days of old, where the stamp pad was always dry and customers took ages rifling through their wallets for physical stamp cards. With this option, your customers will earn stamps each time they make a qualifying purchase. When they fill up their stamp card, they’ll be able to redeem the reward you have chosen to offer.

A digital points programme allows your customers to earn every time they spend in your store. They’ll then be able to redeem these points against a selection of rewards that you’ve set up.

The Yoyo Go reporting dashboard is designed to help you understand your customers and your business better, giving you accurate data on the total value and number of loyalty transactions, your customers’ average basket size, their favourite time of day and day of the week to visit you, and much more.

In the Yoyo Go app, your merchant space is like your digital shop-front. Customise it by uploading your logo and choosing a nice cover image that defines you and your business.

Set up your digital stamp card programme during the sign-up process. To do this, you’ll be prompted to:

  • Select the number of stamps that your customers should earn before they are rewarded with a voucher (between 4 and 10).
  • Select whether your customers should earn a stamp per visit (i.e. earn a stamp if you spend over £10) or per amount spent (i.e. if a customer spends £20, they will earn two stamps)
  • Enter a ‘Reward Name’
  • Enter a ‘Reward Description’ (this acts as your reward’s terms and conditions)

Set up your digital stamp card programme during the sign-up process. To do this, you’ll be prompted to:

  • Add and configure as many rewards as you like
  • Identify how many points your customers have to earn to redeem each reward (remember, customers will earn 100 points for every £1 they spend)
  • Input the monetary value that each reward should be redeemable against
  • Enter a ‘Reward Description’ (this acts as your reward’s terms and conditions)

And just like that (insert finger snap), you’re good to go!

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